Test # 13

________ countries have a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea?

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    JAGUAR XJ220 Years produced 1992 to 1994

    The XJ220 debuted as an all wheel drive, V 12 powered concept in 1988, inspiring excited Jaguar faithful to plunk down deposits on the promised production examples. Unfortunately for those people, they ended up with a car that diverged in critical ways from the show property. Indeed, when the XJ220 finally hit the streets (some four years following the concept s debut and after the red hot supercar market burst in spectacular fashion) it was equipped with a more simplistic powertrain that combined rear wheel drive and a turbocharged V 6. To add insult to injury, the engineering firm that handled much of the model s development work, TWR, birthed the XJR 15 supercar with the race bred V 12 the XJ220 did without. More than a few XJ220 customers tried to cancel their contracts, and you could purchase a new example of the car as late as 1997.

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