Test # 128

She's got the kind of job that seems to keep her occupied all the time 24-________ .

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    Sail to St Helena South Atlantic

    Why? To cruise to one of the remotest islands aboard the last Royal Mail Ship? and before the first plane lands. The romance of a high seas voyage. A last of its kind journey. A fascinating far flung isle. The knowledge that it s all about to change... This may tick every bucket list box. St Helena is a worthy port of call in its own right: the South Atlantic speck is a crumple of glorious geomorphology small but riven with deep gullies gulches and volcanic after effects and swept with semi tropical lushness. The waters are brim full of dolphins and sometimes whales; the skies wheel with myriad birds. But it s the human story that is most fascinating around 4 000 people live on this lonely isle in settlements little changed since Georgian times. But how much longer St Helena will remain so unique remains unclear. For now a long trip from South Africa on the RMS St Helena is the only way to reach it but the long mooted airport is finally due for completion by early 2016.

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