Test # 127

This castle has been here since the 16th century and hasn't really changed it has stood the test of ________ .

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    Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles

    It s not as old as many of the other great rivalries in college football, but in the last quarter-century, the Seminoles and Hurricanes have fielded some of the greatest teams in the game s history. And since both programs are now in the ACC and one of these days could meet in the conference title game, it has a great future. The 1980s and 1990s showdowns were great, with all of the nail-biting finishes and Heisman Trophy winners. But the 2000 edition should be considered the greatest Not only did it come down to the last play (another missed field goal attempt, this time by FSU), but both teams would finish that season with 11 wins and trips to BCS bowl games. In 59 meetings, Miami leads, 31

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