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Personally I don't believe a word of it and if you want my opinion I think it's all stuff and ________ .

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    Shot types

    In order to make the ball go in particular directions across the court, you will have to hit it against the different walls in different ways. Knowing the different shots will allow you better control of the ball as well as giving you the tools you need to defeat your opponents. Ball height. For any given shot, it is important to understand the different heights at which a ball can be hit. Aiming low, just a few inches off the ground, is called a kill shot and often ends a rally. Aiming higher, one to two feet off the ground, is called a pass shot and is easier to achieve. A pass kill shot is in between the other two types.Straight in. A straight in shot is when the player hits the ball directly at the front wall so that it bounces back parallel with the side wall. This is a very effective shot and can be taken at any height.Cross court. A cross court shot is when the player hits the ball so that it bounces to the opposite corner from where the shot began. This shot can be taken at any height. The intended purpose is to move your opponent out of the center of the court.Pinch. A pinch shot is taken low, preferably at kill shot level, and intended to end a rally. It is done by hitting the ball against the far end of the side wall and immediately bouncing off the front wall.Splat. Similar to a pinch shot, the splat shot is when a player hits the ball against the side wall (close to them, rather than at the far end as in a pinch shot) and it then hits the front wall in such a way that the opponent should not be able to follow. This is a low shot.Ceiling. A simple ceiling shot, should be carefully aimed to hit the front wall before hitting the ceiling. This is a common defensive shot to move your opponent out of the center of the court.

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