Test # 42

When driving at 60mph on a dry road what would be the shortest overall stopping distance?

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    Edit Dont Filter

    If you want your images to be unique, the last thing you should do is paint them with the same filters that literally millions of other people are using. For the record, Im not anti-Instagram. I think the sharing element is fantastic, but the pre-determined retro washes are played out. And that goes for every other app slinging the same stuff. I suggest getting a full-on image editing app like the excellent SnapSeed, Photoshop Express, or iPhoto. Theyll let you make reasonable adjustments, like contrast, sharpness, and color temperature. Stuff youd actually do with images from your big camera. Its also not crazy to dump your images into Lightroom or another piece of editing software if you dont feel the need to share them right away. OK, its a little crazy, but people do it.

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