Test # 26

You are following a vehicle on a wet road. You should leave a time gap of at least

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    Bake bustle and bedeck

    it takes work, but like labor (as in childbirth) it s one of the times when your work really pays off big time. The point is that it is different, so let it be different. Fill the house with the smell of ginger, chocolate and cinnamon. Go out in the yard, cut holly and greens and drape them everywhere drapable. Put reindeer horns on the dog, mistletoe in the office break room, a big red bow on the mailbox, and definitely a big wreath on the front of your car. And while you re at it, make a tiny scarf or tiny Santa cap for the Jack on your antenna. Wear a Christmas tie, Santa earrings, a decorated sweater and jingle bells on your ankles (use the dog collar). Bustle, do more, get in the spirit. Yes, you re busy. You re busy doing wonderful and fun things, and your heart can be full of the people you re doing this for.

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