Test # 21

You are approaching a pelican crossing. The amber light is flashing. You must

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    This Indian / Indo-Chinese hybrid fruits consistently every year. It is a Haden seedling, and much like the Haden it is a Florida favorite. It has a very attractive appearance with a mild, sweet flavor. The fruit is virtually fiberless. Excellent eating quality, consistent production, and effortless to grow. It is easy to determine when to pick because the fruit will turn yellow at its base. It was discovered as a seedling tree growing at the residence of Mr. Roscoe E. Glenn, Miami, Florida in the 1940s. The fruit are oval to oblong, weighing from 16 to 20 oz with a bright yellow background and a pastel orange-red blush on the shoulders. The deep yellow flesh has no fiber and is soft and silky, with a rich, sweet and aromatic flavor. This is accompanied by a prevalent, sweet aroma. Glenn is a favorite in home gardens of Florida because it may be maintained at 10 ft throughout its life with consistent production, disease tolerance and superb eating quality.

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