Test # 20

Your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake. What is the most likely cause of the problem

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    This is a great use for a carved or uncarved pumpkin, and anything that adds a little natural beauty to the yard is a win to us. Head down to your local nursery, pick up some annuals, and use your pumpkin as the planter! It will be a festive decoration for a few days, and then you can plant the whole thing right in the backyard. The pumpkin will naturally compost and provide fertilizer for your plant. If your pumpkin is uncarved, cut off the top and remove the seeds, guts and flesh from inside. Set them aside and save for later (if you have a carved pumpkin, skip this step). Simply pack some potting soil into your pumpkin until it is about one third full. You may need to do some extra packing to keep the soil from falling out of your jack o lantern

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