Test # 17

In which one places would parking cause an obstruction to others?

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    Chicken scratch on Needle and Thread

    Chicken scratch, worked on gingham, is generally considered a more rustic embroidery technique. The squares of the gingham provide the grid upon which chicken scratch is worked, with the stitches producing a lacy pattern on the gingham. Chicken scratch is a simple technique it employs only a few stitches, and therefore, it is great for children. But do not be fooled! By combining stitches and thread weights and varying stitch types, intricate patterns can be produced with chicken scratch, and, when stitched on finer the gingham, the finer the results. Normally, cotton threads are used for chicken scratch. The technique is often seen on household kitchen items, such as aprons, towels, and the like, as well as other household goods, like decorative pillows and curtains.

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