Test # 12

You see a vehicle coming towards you on a single-track road. You should

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    Santorini Stairway Greece

    In 1715, the island inhabitants built a rough stairway into the side of the sheer mountain so they could hike to the summit. Before long, donkeys were enlisted to help carry cargo and passengers to and from the ships and town. In 1930, the stairway was improved and more donkeys were added to aid in the assent and decent. Finally, in 1979, a cable car was installed to automate the process but the most fun ride is still by donkey.The zigzag stairway from sea to city is paved in stone, and because of the many switchbacks, the distance from one end to the other is 1300 meters or 4,265 feet. There are 657 four inch (10 cm) tall steps on the walkway, and this natural stair master provides a very good workout on a sunny day.

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