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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

What is electricity?
Everything is made of atoms. At the centre of an atom is the nucleus made of protons and neutrons. An atom also has tiny electrons which spin around the nucleus. Electrons have a negative electrical charge, and protons have a positive charge. The electrons don't stay in one place. They move around to different atoms, so some atoms have more protons, some have more electrons. An atom with more protons is positively charged. One with more electrons is negatively charged. When the electrons pass from one atom to the next, it creates an electric current.
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    Getting tested for HIV is pointless

    Knowing if you are HIV positive will allow you to seek early treatment that can help you stay healthy longer and enable you not to pass on the virus to someone else. Regardless of your HIV status, you can learn how to prevent further infection from HIV and other STDs through counseling offered at many HIV testing centers.

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