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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

Why is it important to chew food?
An adult human has about 32 teeth. Some of these are used for biting and tearing food, while others help grind it up. The more we chew the easier it is for the body to digest the food. As we chew, the mouth releases saliva that moistens the food so that it passes through the digestive system without scraping any of the organs.
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    Mitchell Johnson

    59 Test matches; 264 wickets; 27.42 average; 8 61 BBI; 50.1 strike rate Judging by his recent performances for Australia, left armer Mitchell Johnson may well find himself making some upward progress in this list very soon. Having been something of a laughing stock a few years ago, Johnson has turned things around spectacularly to become one of the Baggy Greens biggest bowling threats. His speed in itself is pretty daunting, but considering he can also get swing and seam movement as well, he has become a very tough bowler to face.

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