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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

Who are the Inuit?
Inuit means 'the people'. The Inuit people settled in the Arctic zone in the extreme north of America. These people, who probably migrated to America from central Asia, adjusted well to the extreme cold conditions. Since they could grow little food, they became expert hunters. They also became experts at building igloos, houses made with blocks of ice.
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    Team size

    A team consists of a maximum of 12 players on the court, with a minimum of 3 females on co ed teams. The total team size will always be dictated by how many players from the roster show up, but no team may ever field more than 12 players during a match. The breakdown of players is set by the golden ratio of 31 (males to females). At the start of each game (not match), each team can field 3 males for every 1 female. Making sure that their team complies with this ratio is the responsibility of each teams own captain.

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