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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

Why isn't the sky bright blue when the sun is red?
During the day, the sky is blue because the air and dust in the air scatter mainly blue light toward your eyes. They also scatter some red light, but the blue light dominates. But at sunset, things change. The setting sun approaches the earth's atmosphere at a very shallow angle so that it must travel many kilometers through the air before reaching your eyes. During this long trip, most of the blue light is scattered away and the sun appears very red. If the path is long enough, the blue light is scattered away many kilometers to your west so that there isn't much of it left. When this occurs, even the sky around you appears somewhat reddish because there just isn't any more blue to scatter. The missing blue light is visible to people living 50 or 100 kilometers to the west as their blue sky.
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    Anti cancer Properties

    Research has proved that antioxidants found in corn can fight and eliminate cancer causing free radicals. Moreover, this grain is a good source of phenolic compound, ferulic acid which is effective in fighting tumors in the breast and liver. It can be determined that consumed in moderation and in its fresh form, maize is a great option for a healthy and tasty snack! As far as the concerns over corn allergy symptoms are concerned, let me tell you it is extremely rare! Different people can be allergic to different things but that doesnt make that thing bad outright! Hey, we all know about people who are lactose intolerant but then the problem is not with milk, it is an issue with those peoples systems which are unable to metabolize dairy!

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