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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

What is the most popular rock and roll song in history?
Because the lyrics in the Kingsmen’s 1963 recording of the song “Louie, Louie” were unintelligible, people thought they were dirty, and although they weren’t, a U.S. congressional investigation assured the song’s enduring success. Since being sold by its author, Richard Berry, for $750 in 1957, “Louie, Louie” has been recorded by nearly one thousand different performers and sold an estimated quarter-billion copies.
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    Hanging water

    Fill a glass to overflowing with water and lay a postcard on it. Support the card with one hand, turn the glass upside down and remove your hand from the card. it remains on the glass, and allows no water to escape.With a glass of normal height, a weight of water of about 2 ounces presses on each square inch of card. On the other hand the pressure of air from below is about one hundred times as great on each square inch, and presses the card so firmly against the glass that no air can enter at the side and so no water can flow out.

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