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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

Where does the Sun shine the most?
In the United States, Yuma, Arizona has a yearly average of 90 percent of sunny days, or more than 4,000 sunny hours per year. St. Petersburg, Florida, is a close second; that city had 768 consecutive sunny days from February 9, 1967 to March 17, 1969. If you were to travel, you would find the eastern end of the Sahara Desert in North Africa the sunniest—the Sun shines there 97 percent of the time.
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  • Precautions while using Power Supply

    Fan equipped Power Supplies

    Power Supplies equipped with a fan have forced air cooling. Do not block the ventilation holes on the fan installation surface and the opposite surface. The cooling effect will decrease if the holes are blocked.Always secure the finger guard when replacing the fan. Always turn OFF the input power before replacing the fan. The input power terminals and internal circuits have a high voltage.Do not touch the internal parts when replacing the fan. Internal parts have a high voltage and high temperature immediately after the input power is turned OFF.Do not allow the removed screws or tools to enter the Power Supply when replacing the fan.Use the specified installation direction and torque specified for each product when replacing the fan.

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