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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

What is the meaning of the word factoid?
Norman Mailer introduced the word factoid in his 1973 book Marilyn. He invented it by combining the word fact with -oid, a scientific suffix that means “resembling but not identical to.” In other words, it’s something that looks like a fact, but isn’t. Factoids are built from rumours and used by irresponsible journalists to create a story when none exists.
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  • Xmas For Kids

    Button Cards

    Button shapes resemble many seasonal things, as on these simple cards made of folded card stock. Construction paper cut outs and a snip of ribbon help turn green buttons into a wreath, tiny red ones into holly berries, and white ones into a friendly snowman. (When theyre turned vertically, the holes in the snowmans belly button look like buttons themselves.)

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