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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

My friend says he’s a genius. Is that possible?
Some people use the term "genius" to mean a genius I.Q. or extreme intelligence. I.Q. stands for intelligence quotient, and it is supposed to be a measurement of how naturally intelligent a person is. Scientists think that each person is born with a certain amount of intelligence or mental ability. Still, how well a person uses his or her natural intelligence has a lot to do with the person’s desire to learn and the learning environment he or she grows up in. I.Q. tests measure things like the ability to use words, the ability to see how things relate to one another, and the ability to store and use information. The term "intelligence quotient" comes from the mathematical equation used to score intelligence tests. A person’s mental age which is determined by how many questions he or she has answered correctly on such a test—is divided by his or her actual age. Then that number is multiplied by 100 to give an I.Q. score. A person whose mental and actual age are the same will have an I.Q. that is 100, which is average. A person with an I.Q. of 170 or greater is considered a genius. When people think of geniuses, they often think of great men and women from history, including the Italian painter of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, the great scientist Albert Einstein, and the child genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous Austrian musical composer. Before he was even five years old, Mozart could master complicated musical compositions in just a half an hour. Even at this early age, before most of today’s children start formal schooling, Mozart was composing his own works. He is called "gifted" and a "child prodigy," because he mastered many talents at an early age.
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