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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

What was the origin of a New York “ticker tape parade”?
Before the electronic age, ticker tape was a thin paper ribbon of information fed mechanically to the brokers on Wall Street. At day’s end, floors were ankle deep with ticker tape. On October 28, 1886, the elaborate dedication of the Statue of Liberty was visible from the brokers’ windows, causing such excitement that they began tossing ticker tape out the windows. That’s how the ticker tape parade became a New York tradition.
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  • Ayurvedic Medicine


    Calamus root (E), Sweet flag (E), Vach (H):

    Vacha literally means 'speech'. Calamus thrives in wet, damp marshland and is a semi-aquatic perennial. Its qualities treat similar 'terrain' in the whole system; sluggish, congested, heavy and wet conditions, like those of a marshland, are opposed by the warm, drying, penetrating and stimulating qualities of vacha.

    Mind Its primary application is to open the mind, improve concentration, clarity and speech. Its stimulating effect on majja dhatu makes it useful in treating depression and mental sluggishness where there is mental ama. It actually scrapes mental ama and stagnation from the subtle channels of the mind. This acrid root is also used in childhood developmental problems and in post-stroke speech difficulties. It encourages the flow of udana and prana vayu. By nourishing sadhaka pitta it specifically strengthens the ability of the mind to receive information and recall from memory. Digestion Its aromatic heating effect helps to calm the gastric nerves, prevent fermentation and clear excess kapha with dyspepsia, flatulence and borborygmus; vacha reduces both samana vayu and kledaka kapha. It is a rejuvenative to medas-dhatvagni and can help to reduce obesity. Lungs Vacha clears damp, wet coughs from the lungs. It also has an affinity for the throat and vis´uddhi cakra; it clears 'obstructions' from the throat. Its purgative effect on the head makes it an excellent remedy for sinus congestion, nasal polyps and rhinitis from kapha aggravation. High doses can cause vomiting and it is used as an emetic in panca karma. Urine Used traditionally for urinary gravel and infections by removing the kapha deposits.

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