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Why do people have to die?
All living things must die. It is a part—the final part—of the biological cycle of life. A flowering plant, for instance, springs from a seed, grows, blossoms, produces seeds for the next season, fades, and dies. Similarly, an animal is born, grows and matures, reproduces, ages, and dies. Old plants and animals must make way for new plants and animals, through which the cycle of life can continue. If plants and animals did not die, eventually there would not be enough food, water, or space in the world for life to flourish. Even dead plants and animals contribute to the cycle of life, for their remains enrich the soil for the next generation of living things. New generations of plants and animals are needed to ensure the survival of life on our planet. The world’s environment is constantly changing, and new plants and animals—with unique characteristics resulting from the combined genetic contributions of their parents—may be better equipped to survive under the evolving conditions. This process of change and improved survival, which has taken place gradually over millions of years (ever since life began), is called evolution. Just like all plants and other animals, people also experience this biological cycle of life. A person is born, grows into physical maturity during adolescence, experiences adulthood, ages, and then dies. At death, the cycle of life is completed as that individual makes way for following generations.
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