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Do You Know
Questions & Answers on General Knowledge.

How are a water lily’s leaves different?
A water lily is a floating aquatic plant with large, fragrant, white or pink flowers and flat, round, floating leaves. The leaves have long stems and are bright green above and reddish or purplish underneath. The underside of the leaf contains air spaces; the air that traps beneath the leaf makes it float on water. The leaves’ strong stems help them grow and stay upright in the water—which allows the leaves to absorb sunlight and stay alive.
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  • Best Places to Celebrate New Year

    The Napa and Sonoma Valleys

    While winter is the slow season in northern California wine country, it makes for a more laid back, less crowded holiday experience. On New Years Eve, many larger hotels and wineries offer their own wine fueled parties in cellars and wine caves, including the Black and White Gala at Etoile at Domaine Chandon, a candlelit multicourse dinner in the Trinitas Cellars wine cave at the Meritage Resort, and a five course dinner and masquerade ball in the Grand Barrel Room at Castello di Amorosa winery. The Napa Valley Wine Train hosts a Blackjack Ball in its restored Pullman cars as they make their way up and down the valley. For a more low key celebration, make reservations at one of the areas famed restaurants, such as Redd, Bottega, or Thomas Kellers Ad Hoc or Bouchon in Yountville, and then retreat to a luxury inn for a private midnight toast by the fire.

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