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1.a language group of the Hokan family

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  • yana
  • yamoussukro
  • yammer
  • yamani
  • yamamoto
  • yamaltu
  • yama
  • yam plant
  • yam family
  • yam bean
  • yang
  • yang chen ning
  • yangon
  • yangtze
  • yangtze kiang
  • yangtze river
  • yank
  • yankee
  • yankee corn
  • yankee-doodle
  • ideational
  • urbanized
  • trimotored
  • proscenium arch
  • bartender
  • auxetic
  • avifaunal
  • cataloged procedure
  • thunnus
  • calculatingly

  • Idiom of the Day

    wise guy
    a person who acts as if he were smarter than other people
    The boy always acts like a wise guy when he is in a group.

    What would you say to a member of your staff who always ________ his work in late?

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  • XMas Bucket List

    Christmas Lights Being Turned On

    Im sure that many of you will already attend the annual lighting of the city for Christmas in your own home towns, its nothing new as you know; it is worth mentioning though because many people forget the date, or even that is happening . The lighting of the citys Christmas lights is great because it brings hundreds if not thousands of people together in celebration, and uite often you will find there is some sort of fayre, market or other parade. Here in my own hometown, we usually have the honor of some minor celebrity to open up the celebrations, the past two years have seen former XFactor (a UK telvision show) contestants open up the festivities, not an amazing sight Im sure you will agree but its all in good spirit and of course it is free to attend. So if you have never been before, or if you had forgotten it was happening then get yourself mingling with the other Christmassy people of your home town.

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