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1.tropical epiphytic ferns with straplike fronds

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  • vitriolically
  • vitriolic
  • vitriol
  • vitrify
  • vitrified
  • vitrification
  • vitreous silica
  • vitreous humour
  • vitreous humor
  • vitreous body
  • vittaria lineata
  • vittariaceae
  • vittorio de sica
  • vituperate
  • vituperation
  • vituperative
  • vitus
  • vitus behring
  • vitus bering
  • viva
  • crowing
  • antifouling
  • incessancy
  • niggard
  • e-mail
  • ascii
  • undescended testis
  • alstroemeria pelegrina
  • yogi berra
  • logicism

  • Idiom of the Day

    at sea
    to be on the sea, to be away on a voyage on the ocean
    My grandfather was at sea for several months when he was a young man.

    My mother is allergic to ________ cigarette smoke

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  • International Christmas Desserts

    Kanafeh Middle East

    Many different Middle Eastern countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria, and northern Egypt claim to be the original creators of this delicious dessert but no one can say for sure where it originated. The Greeks make a similar dessert called kadaifi, which however, doesnt include soft white cheese inside and thats what makes it different from the Mid East version.

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