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summer solstice

1.June 21, when the sun is at its northernmost point

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  • summer snowflake
  • summer school
  • summer savoury
  • summer savory
  • summer redbird
  • summer hyacinth
  • summer house
  • summer haw
  • summer flounder
  • summer duck
  • summer squash
  • summer squash vine
  • summer stock
  • summer sweet
  • summer tanager
  • summercaters
  • summerhouse
  • summerise
  • summerize
  • summertime
  • silva
  • skid row
  • cerium
  • nanometre
  • enounce
  • masoretic
  • reelect
  • ailurus fulgens
  • flowering spurge
  • barn spider

  • Idiom of the Day

    in times past
    long ago, in previous times
    In times past, many people attended the sports festival in the small town.

    She got pregnant ________ eighteen

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  • Most Powerful Bikes

    Ducati 1299 Panigale

    We remember a time when 1000cc in a superbike was everything you needed and more. Now it seems that if you run anything other than an inlinefour cylinder engine, you need 1200cc at the very least to be taken seriously. Ducati took their Superquadroengined Panigale a step further, reboring it to 1285cc. That places it into the elite 200hp+ group and with 107ft.lb theres no shortage of torque either. That front fairing has been changed too, along with a new tail unit and larger screen compared to the current model. Cornering ABS? Wheelie Control? Engine Brake Control? It gets the lot.

    Chourishi Systems