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1.neutering a female by removing the ovaries

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  • spayed
  • spay
  • spawner
  • spawn
  • spawl
  • spavined
  • spavin
  • spatulate leaf
  • spatulate
  • spatula-shaped
  • speak
  • speak for
  • speak in tongues
  • speak of the devil
  • speak up
  • speakable
  • speakeasy
  • speaker
  • speaker identification
  • speaker system
  • boyhood
  • pamphlet
  • hydraulic system
  • co-ordinate
  • calycophyllum candidissimum
  • apportion
  • coextensive
  • foundling
  • millivolt
  • rib joint pliers

  • Idiom of the Day

    at heart
    basically, fundamentally
    The woman is a nice person at heart although many people dislike her.

    The day the country became a republic went ________ in history

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  • Most Intense Sports of the Ancient World

    Chariot Races

    Although NASCAR certainly has its dangers, chariot racing was little more than a death match with a finish line. In fact, it was almost impossible to win without being seriously injured and the life expectancy of most racers was increcibly low.

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