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1.neutering a female by removing the ovaries

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  • spayed
  • spay
  • spawner
  • spawn
  • spawl
  • spavined
  • spavin
  • spatulate leaf
  • spatulate
  • spatula-shaped
  • speak
  • speak for
  • speak in tongues
  • speak of the devil
  • speak up
  • speakable
  • speakeasy
  • speaker
  • speaker identification
  • speaker system
  • acceptance
  • overstretch
  • herman wouk
  • mary magdalene
  • cheyenne
  • ceratopsia
  • ash can
  • invasion of iwo
  • extralinguistic
  • window screen

  • Idiom of the Day

    egg (someone) on or egg on (someone)
    to urge or push someone to do something
    The boy is always egging his friend on to do stupid things.

    An employee who is paid on ________ receives the same pay each pay period no matter how many hours they work.

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  • Good Luck Charms From Around The World

    Lucky 7

    For seemingly no obvious reason at all, the number 7 is seen as a universally lucky number. If you Google meaning of lucky number 7, you will get a trillion million hits about astrology and your aura and other such things con artists make up and charge you money to hear. Google doesn t immediately come up with why 7 is lucky because people are infinitely more interested in figuring out what it means for their other superstitions.

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