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1.a pistol with a revolving cylinder (usually having six chambers for bullets)

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  • six-gilled shark
  • six-footer
  • six-day war
  • six times
  • six nations
  • six day war
  • six
  • siwan
  • sivapithecus
  • sivan
  • six-lined racerunner
  • six-membered
  • six-pack
  • six-shooter
  • six-spot
  • sixer
  • sixfold
  • sixpence
  • sixpenny
  • sixpenny nail
  • quinora
  • commodity
  • trim back
  • machiavelli
  • vocational rehabilitation program
  • totalize
  • housefather
  • cesium
  • dog
  • wine cask

  • Idiom of the Day

    at (someone's) earliest convenience
    when something is convenient for someone
    I plan to speak to the bank manager at his earliest convenience.

    I'm very ________ that I'm late but there is a train strike on at the moment.

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  • Rules to play Fencing

    The In line Position

    The position of a fencer in which his sword arm is straight and the point of his weapon threatens his opponents valid target (cf. t.56 Respect of the fencing phrase, t.60 Judging of hits , t.76, t.80).

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