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1.fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used
2.fully prepared or eager
3.most suitable or right for a particular purpose
4.at the highest point of development especially in judgment or knowledge
5.far along in time

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  • ripcord
  • riparian right
  • riparian forest
  • riparian
  • riparia riparia
  • riparia
  • rip-roaring
  • rip-off
  • rip van winkle
  • rip up
  • ripe olive
  • ripely
  • ripen
  • ripened
  • ripeness
  • ripening
  • riposte
  • ripper
  • ripping
  • ripping bar
  • foible
  • teredinid
  • pillars of hercules
  • sulfur dioxide
  • killdeer plover
  • geomorphologic
  • desalination
  • hottentot's bread vine
  • genus agave
  • parental quality

  • Idiom of the Day

    third degree
    detailed questioning
    The boy's mother gave him the third degree when he came home late from school.

    The golf ________ was flooded last night

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  • Home Design Ideas

    Create dramatic light

    If you want a little drama in your life, change the color of your lampshades to black. Much more dramatic, and it creates lovely pools of light along with a little punctuation in a room. Line the shades in gold paper to add a little sparkle.

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