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1.a message whose content is at variance with reason

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  • ridiculously
  • ridiculous
  • ridiculer
  • ridicule
  • ridgling
  • ridgil
  • ridgepole
  • ridgeling
  • ridgel
  • ridged
  • riding
  • riding bitt
  • riding boot
  • riding breeches
  • riding crop
  • riding habit
  • riding horse
  • riding lamp
  • riding light
  • riding master
  • praetorial
  • hunting knife
  • tappet
  • discontentedly
  • alkeran
  • kilderkin
  • hornbill
  • augustus
  • biquadratic
  • sporting goods

  • Idiom of the Day

    make ends meet
    to be able to live on the money that one has
    It is hard to make ends meet on the man's salary.

    William made a ________ that his brother would someday become an all-star pitcher.

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  • Powerful Militaries In The World

    North Korea

    Officially the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, North Korea is known for its oppressive government and its antagonistic relationship with a good portion of the world. It currently holds 4,200 tanks, 944 aircraft, and a naval force of 967. In spite of these numbers, North Koreas weaponry is considered to be aged and obsolete with limited capabilities. For example, out of the 70 submarines it currently has, 20 are rusty Romeoclass submarines with 1950s technology.

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