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1.a renewed suspension of insoluble particles after they have been precipitated

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  • resuspend
  • resuscitator
  • resuscitation
  • resuscitated
  • resuscitate
  • resurvey
  • resurrection plant
  • resurrection of christ
  • resurrection fern
  • resurrection
  • ret
  • retail
  • retail chain
  • retail merchant
  • retail price index
  • retail store
  • retailer
  • retailing
  • retain
  • retained
  • floor joist
  • king of france
  • common cotton grass
  • aureolaria pedicularia
  • endoderm
  • disco
  • crosswalk
  • advertize
  • genus kirkia
  • xeroradiography

  • Idiom of the Day

    pour out
    to come out in great number or quantity, to stream out of a place
    After the football game, thousands of fans poured out of the stadium.

    I ________ find the time to do all the things I want to

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  • Most Amazing Fountains Around The World

    City Hall Fountains Downtown Edmonton Canada

    The building features two steel and glass pyramids one 43 metres high ground to peak on top of a three storey concrete structure. One pyramid provides natural light for the main atrium the other for the council chambers. 5 The building also features a 200 foot clock Friendship Tower topped with a 23 carillon bells. 6 Located on the eastern edge of the financial district in Edmontons downtown the building is the main feature on Sir Winston Churchill Square. In the winter the fountain is converted to a skating rink.The design for the city hall met with some controversy when it was first announced. The original design called for the building to be topped with four cones. The cones were meant to pay tribute to the tipis that the First Nations once lived in on the site. The design met with negative feedback from the public as they felt it looked like dunce caps and nuclear reactors. 7 Dub Architects then revised their design to replace the cones with the pyramids with the pyramids designed to be evocative of the Rocky Mountains. The design was received much more warmly by the public and was dubbed Pyramid Power by the press.

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