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1.the 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

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  • resew
  • resettlement
  • resettled
  • resettle
  • reset button
  • reset
  • reservoir
  • reservist
  • reserves
  • reservedly
  • reshape
  • reship
  • reshipment
  • reshoot
  • resht
  • reshuffle
  • reshuffling
  • resid
  • reside
  • residence
  • daniel
  • onion smut
  • goalmouth
  • new jersey
  • service club
  • horse trading
  • for certain
  • city father
  • chaplin
  • wyvern

  • Idiom of the Day

    set (someone or something) loose
    to set someone or something free, to release someone or something that you are holding
    The wildlife department decided to set the bear loose.

    S1: He tried the door.
    S6: He was careful not to touch anything.

    P: The room was neat and clean.
    Q: Then he stepped into the room.
    R: He waited for a minute or two.
    S: It opened easily and he peeped in.

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