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1.civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army

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  • reservedly
  • reserved
  • reserve officers training corps
  • reserve fund
  • reserve clause
  • reserve bank
  • reserve assets
  • reserve account
  • reserve
  • reservation
  • reservist
  • reservoir
  • reset
  • reset button
  • resettle
  • resettled
  • resettlement
  • resew
  • resh
  • reshape
  • nathan birnbaum
  • crt
  • windmill
  • breeze through
  • antepenultimate
  • brakeman
  • twill weave
  • scoop shovel
  • shoshonian
  • catch crop

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the same page
    thinking similarly about something
    I was on the same page as my friend about our plans for a holiday.

    He has been warned before. ________, he should not have committed the same offence again.

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  • International Sport Events

    World Cup Soccer

    Thirty two nations play, but billions of people in countries all around the world drop everything they are doing for a month every four years to see who claims the title of World Cup soccer champion.The teams that compete in the World Cup finals are those that emerge from a series of qualifying rounds played out over the prior three years. The tournament of tournaments is therefore a showcase of the finest squads from across the continents and hemispheres.It during the finals that the intense challenge begins. First, in a series of first round games, each team plays the three rivals in its opening bracket. Teams get three points for each win, one point for a tie, and zero for a loss. The top two teams in the bracket then move on to the single game elimination rounds, with victorious teams proceeding though quarterfinal and semifinal rounds before the final championship match.

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