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1.set aside for the use of a particular person or party
2.marked by self-restraint and reticence
3.cool and formal in manner

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  • reserve officers training corps
  • reserve fund
  • reserve clause
  • reserve bank
  • reserve assets
  • reserve account
  • reserve
  • reservation
  • reserpine
  • resentment
  • reservedly
  • reserves
  • reservist
  • reservoir
  • reset
  • reset button
  • resettle
  • resettled
  • resettlement
  • resew
  • thrash out
  • glycerogelatin
  • hummingbird moth
  • thomas dekker
  • albert speer
  • all-powerful
  • in the lurch
  • primate
  • speeding
  • turbidity

  • Idiom of the Day

    You bet your life!
    most certainly, without any doubt
    "You bet your life I will be attending the conference next year."

    Would you like a ________ of pie or cake?

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  • Benefits of Victoria Plum

    Rich in Vitamin A

    Victoria plum also contain vitamin A, and a small fruit provides about 8 percent of the recommended daily intake. Vitamin A promotes healthy vision, reproduction and bone growth, among other benefits. Vitamin A is most essential for healthy eye and good vision. It keeps mucus membrane healthy. One of the important dietary fiber known as zea xanthin is best for your retina. It protects eye from harmful UV light.

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