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1.a district that is reserved for particular purpose
2.a statement that limits or restricts some claim
3.an unstated doubt that prevents you from accepting something wholeheartedly
4.the act of reserving (a place or passage) or engaging the services of (a person or group)
5.the written record or promise of an arrangement by which accommodations are secured in advance
6.something reserved in advance (as a hotel accommodation or a seat on a plane etc.)
7.the act of keeping back or setting aside for some future occasion

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  • reserpine
  • resentment
  • resentfully
  • resentful
  • resent
  • resemble
  • resemblance
  • resell
  • reseed
  • resedaceae
  • reserve
  • reserve account
  • reserve assets
  • reserve bank
  • reserve clause
  • reserve fund
  • reserve officers training corps
  • reserved
  • reservedly
  • reserves
  • left atrium of the heart
  • ring-around-a-rosy
  • collinsonia canadensis
  • william felton russell
  • hooker's orchid
  • one percent
  • protective tariff
  • anguilliformes
  • bacteriology
  • combretum erythrophyllum

  • Idiom of the Day

    weather permitting
    if the weather allows
    Weather permitting, we will go to the lake on Saturday.

    I dates, we use ________ numbers.

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