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1.a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

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  • resentfully
  • resentful
  • resent
  • resemble
  • resemblance
  • resell
  • reseed
  • resedaceae
  • reseda odorata
  • reseda luteola
  • reserpine
  • reservation
  • reserve
  • reserve account
  • reserve assets
  • reserve bank
  • reserve clause
  • reserve fund
  • reserve officers training corps
  • reserved
  • puerile
  • contributory
  • giulio natta
  • dioxin
  • pivot joint
  • pigskin
  • superimposed
  • kennelly
  • genus hylophylax
  • edward thatch

  • Idiom of the Day

    piss (someone) off or piss off (someone)
    to bother or annoy someone, to make someone angry
    My supervisor pissed me off when he asked me to work late last night.


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