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1.feel bitter or indignant about
2.wish ill or allow unwillingly

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  • resemble
  • resemblance
  • resell
  • reseed
  • resedaceae
  • reseda odorata
  • reseda luteola
  • reseda
  • resection
  • resect
  • resentful
  • resentfully
  • resentment
  • reserpine
  • reservation
  • reserve
  • reserve account
  • reserve assets
  • reserve bank
  • reserve clause
  • town crier
  • ozothamnus secundiflorus
  • george armstrong custer
  • cryptobranchidae
  • profligately
  • pyrochemical process
  • check stub
  • triplet code
  • regorge
  • yuman

  • Idiom of the Day

    in sight
    able to be seen
    There were no birds in sight so we went back to the hotel and stopped bird watching for the day.

    When he
    (P) did not know
    (Q) he was nervous and
    (R) heard the hue and cry at midnight
    (S) what to do

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  • Greatest Concept Cars Ever

    Mazda RX 9

    Mazda discontinued the oilthirsty, twinrotary RX8 in 2011 (boo!) but the spirit will live on in the Mazda RX9 (applause). This attractive, almost Jaguarlike concept, set to become a production car in 2013, packs a 300bhp twinturbo, erm, diesel. Not quite as highrevving as its predecessor, then, but its still going to be rapid and a hell of a lot more ecofriendly than its predecessor.

    Chourishi Systems