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1.write or speak a prologue

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  • prologise
  • prolog
  • prolixness
  • prolixity
  • prolix
  • proline
  • prolificacy
  • prolific
  • proliferation
  • proliferate
  • prologue
  • prologuize
  • prolong
  • prolongation
  • prolonge
  • prolonge knot
  • prolonged
  • prolusion
  • prolusory
  • prom
  • viorna baldwinii
  • reburying
  • african yellowwood
  • leonard marx
  • autocrat
  • reactionary
  • youth subculture
  • monoplane
  • spackle
  • unequivocally

  • Idiom of the Day

    pin one's hopes/faith on (someone or something)
    to put one's hope or trust or faith in someone or something
    I will not pin my hopes on getting a promotion next month.


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    Travel safety

    While traveling, dont make yourself a target for thieves and pickpockets. Leave your jewelry and other expensive belongings locked up at home. If you are in crowded, unfamiliar areas, keep your money in a money belt rather than in your purse. When traveling with kids, bring along an updated photo of each child in case you become separated from them. Talk with your family about who to call and what to do in case they get lost or another emergency arises while you are on vacation.

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