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1.write or speak a prologue

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  • prologise
  • prolog
  • prolixness
  • prolixity
  • prolix
  • proline
  • prolificacy
  • prolific
  • proliferation
  • proliferate
  • prologue
  • prologuize
  • prolong
  • prolongation
  • prolonge
  • prolonge knot
  • prolonged
  • prolusion
  • prolusory
  • prom
  • hendrik antoon lorentz
  • automatic pistol
  • harvard university
  • environmentalism
  • botulinus
  • sublime
  • cuboidal
  • theological virtue
  • fine-grained
  • despicability

  • Idiom of the Day

    run for it
    to dash for safety, to make a speedy escape
    When it started raining we ran for it and tried to get to the bus shelter.

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