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1.a building housing an instrument for projecting the positions of the planets onto a domed ceiling
2.an optical device for projecting images of celestial bodies and other astronomical phenomena onto the inner surface of a hemispherical dome
3.an apparatus or model for representing the solar systems

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  • planetal
  • planet wheel
  • planet gear
  • planet
  • planera
  • planer
  • planeness
  • plane-tree family
  • plane-polarized
  • plane tree
  • planetary
  • planetary gear
  • planetary house
  • planetary nebula
  • planetesimal
  • planetesimal hypothesis
  • planetoid
  • plangency
  • plangent
  • planimeter
  • genus plantago
  • disestablish
  • magnoliopsid genus
  • melilot
  • macedonia
  • nancy mitford
  • frankly
  • spit
  • ureterocele
  • lxxvii

  • Idiom of the Day

    from way back
    since a long time ago, for a long time
    I know my friend from way back. In fact, we went to elementary school together.

    It happened ________ I was out.

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