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neo jazz

1.any of various styles of jazz that appeared after 1940

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  • neo
  • nentsy
  • nentsi
  • nenets
  • nemophila menziesii
  • nemophila maculata
  • nemophila aurita
  • nemophila
  • nemine contradicente
  • nemesis
  • neo-darwinian
  • neo-darwinism
  • neo-lamarckian
  • neo-lamarckism
  • neo-latin
  • neobiotic
  • neoceratodus
  • neoceratodus forsteri
  • neoclassic
  • neoclassical
  • bloodstock
  • international society for krishna consciousness
  • erigeron aurantiacus
  • hamamelis vernalis
  • genus liquidambar
  • sour
  • postulant
  • rayon
  • strawberry jam
  • orthomyxovirus

  • Idiom of the Day

    in the unlikely event of/that
    if something which probably will not happen actually happens
    In the unlikely event that the money will not be transferred to the bank we will send a check.

    Criminals should pay ________ their crimes

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  • Daily Health Tips

    Quick tips for curing backache

    For chronic conditions of the lower back, consider the alternate hipbath. This technique of the nature cure also known as revulsive hipbath This bath relieves chronic inflammatory conditions of the pelvic viscera such as salpingitis, ovaritis, cellulitis and various neuralgias of the genitourinary organs, sciatica and lumbago. The temperature in the hot tub should be 40 C to 45 C and in the cold tub 10 C to 18C. The patient should alternately sit in the hot tub for five minutes and then in the cold tub for three minutes. The duration of the bath is generally 10 to 20 minutes. The head and neck should be kept cold with a cold compress. The treatment should end with a dash of cold water to the hips.

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