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1.Italian astronomer and mathematician who was the first to use a telescope to study the stars

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  • galilee
  • galilean telescope
  • galilean satellite
  • galilean
  • galilaean
  • galiella rufa
  • galictis vittatus
  • galician
  • galicia
  • galere
  • galileo galilei
  • galina sergeevna ulanova
  • galina ulanova
  • galingale
  • galium
  • galium aparine
  • galium boreale
  • galium lanceolatum
  • galium mollugo
  • galium odoratum
  • adhesion
  • orcinus
  • lobeliaceous
  • preferred shares
  • family malacanthidae
  • contredanse
  • marlinspike
  • genus apodemus
  • duchy
  • leg of lamb

  • Idiom of the Day

    a mixed bag
    a varied collection of people or things
    The festival promoters presented a mixed bag of musical styles at the music festival.

    Oh dear I've just discovered that the little blue one ________ .

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  • Benefits of Cumin

    Lactating Mothers

    Cumin seeds are rich in thymol, iron and calcium. Lactating mothers can mix powdered cumin seeds with honey and consume them. Cumin seeds may also have anti carcinogenic properties. In one study, cumin was shown to protect laboratory animals from developing stomach or liver tumors.

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