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1.of or relating to Flanders or its people or language or culture flemish n.
1.an ethnic group speaking Flemish and living in northern and western Belgium
2.one of two official languages of Belgium

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  • fleming
  • fleetness
  • fleetly
  • fleetingness
  • fleeting
  • fleet street
  • fleet ballistic missile submarine
  • fleet admiral
  • fleet
  • fleecy
  • flemish dialect
  • flemish-speaking
  • flesh
  • flesh fly
  • flesh out
  • flesh wound
  • flesh-eating
  • fleshed out
  • fleshiness
  • fleshly
  • nutcase
  • benumb
  • move over
  • actuarial
  • becomingly
  • tibial
  • aesthetic
  • jinrikisha
  • flow from
  • involuntary

  • Idiom of the Day

    run into (an amount of money or something)
    to add up to something, to total something, to amount to something
    The damage from the storm will run into much money.

    Don't take any notice ________ him

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