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1.clearing of guilt or blame

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  • exculpation
  • exculpated
  • exculpate
  • excruciation
  • excruciatingly
  • excruciating
  • excruciate
  • excretory product
  • excretory organ
  • excretory
  • excursion
  • excursion rate
  • excursionist
  • excursive
  • excursus
  • excusable
  • excusably
  • excusatory
  • excuse
  • excused
  • dehydrogenate
  • kawaka
  • privet andromeda
  • mental disorder
  • elapsed time
  • architectural style
  • large tooth aspen
  • splashing
  • chapel service
  • lottery winner

  • Idiom of the Day

    go along with (someone)
    to go with someone, to accompany someone
    I plan to go along with my friend to the ice cream parlor.

    I very much enjoy ________

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    Mariana Trench Mystery Shark

    While researching marine life at the bottom of the very deep Suruga Bay, Japanese scientists put bait out to attract marine life. Something they werent expecting was a shark at least 30 feet (9m) long showing up to the party. Some say its the largest Pacific sleeper shark on record (a third larger than the next closest) but some say its proof the massive and prehistoric Megalodon still exists

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