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1.having or showing great excitement and interest

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  • enthusiast
  • enthusiasm
  • enthuse
  • enthronization
  • enthronisation
  • enthronement
  • enthrone
  • enthrallment
  • enthrallingly
  • enthralling
  • enthusiastically
  • entice
  • enticement
  • enticing
  • entire leaf
  • entirely
  • entireness
  • entirety
  • entitle
  • entitled
  • sick call
  • islamic resistance movement
  • moth bean
  • havelock
  • gum boot
  • dodecanoic acid
  • morphological rule
  • convolvulus arvensis
  • stealing
  • herbert mclean evans

  • Idiom of the Day

    look to (something)
    to attend to something, to take care of something
    The woman is a wonderful nurse and spends much time looking to the needs of her patients.

    Of the two (a) / he was trying, the hardest (b) / to attain the highest percentage. (c) / No error (d)

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