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1.as if possessed by demons

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  • demon
  • demolition
  • demolishing
  • demolished
  • demolish
  • demoiselle
  • demography
  • demographist
  • demographer
  • demogorgon
  • demonetisation
  • demonetise
  • demonetization
  • demonetize
  • demoniac
  • demoniacal
  • demoniacally
  • demonic
  • demonisation
  • demonise
  • tuberculin
  • unqualifiedly
  • syncope
  • family laminariaceae
  • lyrurus tetrix
  • good-naturedly
  • reconditioned
  • knavish
  • bartholomeu dias
  • chilli pepper

  • Idiom of the Day

    in person
    actually present at a place or event
    I had to go to the bank and sign the papers in person.

    The proposed design includes many ________ features that are not functional and can be eliminated to cut costs.

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  • Toronto

    Toronto Zoo

    The Toronto Zoo is a zoo located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Its original founder was Mr.Hugh A.Crothers, a successful Toronto industrialist who became the first Chairman of The Metro Toronto Zoological Society in 1966.It opened August 15, 1974, as the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo (often shortened to Metro Toronto Zoo) and is owned by the City of Toronto the word Metropolitan was dropped from its name when the cities of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto were amalgamated to form the present day city of Toronto in 1998.The zoo is located near the Rouge River, along the western border of Rouge Park in city east end former borough of Scarborough.

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