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1.characteristic of the bony face of a cadaver

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  • deep-dye
  • deep-dish pie
  • deep-chested
  • deep water
  • deep temporal vein
  • deep supporting fire
  • deep space
  • deep south
  • deep red
  • deep pocket
  • deep-fat-fry
  • deep-freeze
  • deep-fried
  • deep-fry
  • deep-laid
  • deep-mined
  • deep-rooted
  • deep-sea
  • deep-sea diver
  • deep-seated
  • tanacetum coccineum
  • flagfish
  • rock salt
  • salt
  • platte river penstemon
  • hermosillo
  • verrazano
  • inapt
  • genus hippotragus
  • boogie

  • Idiom of the Day

    draw up (something) or draw (something) up
    to put something in writing, to prepare documents or legal papers
    They were able to draw up the contract while we were waiting.

    Have you ever tried your ________ at running a business?

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