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1.fruit preserved by cooking with sugar

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  • conserved
  • conserve
  • conservatory
  • conservator-ward relation
  • conservator
  • conservatoire
  • conservativist
  • conservativism
  • conservatively
  • conservative party
  • conserving
  • consider
  • considerable
  • considerably
  • considerate
  • considerately
  • considerateness
  • consideration
  • considered
  • consign
  • wolfgang amadeus mozart
  • bubbler
  • sympathetic
  • halo spot
  • oliver
  • boundedness
  • musical score
  • lysiloma
  • tingidae
  • poplar bluff

  • Idiom of the Day

    have the right to do something
    to have the freedom to do something
    The apartment manager does not have the right to tell the tenants when they must leave the building.

    I think you're either mad or very brave to jump out of a plane and wait some time before opening your parachute in a sky________ .

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  • Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs

    Jim Carrey was a cleaner in a factory

    Jim Carry in his 8th grade worked at a factory as a cleaner and care taker along with his family. His father had lost his accountant job which made them homeless. Thus, in return for accommodation they had to work at the factory. He had to scrub washrooms at night, an 8 hour evening shift after school. This showed tremendous fall in Carries academic grades. He failed which ultimately made him an angry school dropout. Jims celebrity impersonation gave him a break to perform at comedy clubs at the age of 19, way before the television series In Living Color.

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