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1.small genus of Asian deciduous or evergreen shrubs having fragrant flowers: winter sweet

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  • chimneysweeper
  • chimneysweep
  • chimneystack
  • chimneypot
  • chimneypiece
  • chimney swift
  • chimney swallow
  • chimney plant
  • chimney corner
  • chimney breast
  • chimonanthus praecox
  • chimp
  • chimpanzee
  • chimwini
  • chin
  • chin music
  • chin rest
  • chin strap
  • chin up
  • chin-up
  • commutable
  • handy
  • command language
  • praha
  • americanisation
  • canton flannel
  • imperturbability
  • anchorage ground
  • bitter almond oil
  • demi-glaze

  • Idiom of the Day

    trip up
    to make a mistake
    The teacher tripped up over the correct pronunciation of the man`s name.

    They didn't let me ________ it.

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  • Myth about Airplanes

    Fountain Pens on flights

    Fountain pens should be cleaned and emptied prior to departure, as this is the only way to prevent ink leakage or spillage. If they must be used during flight, be sure to install a new ink cartridge or full converter. The general rule of thumb that applies to air travel with fountain pens is that it should either be completely empty, with no ink in the pen to leak out, or completely full, with no room left in the cartridge for air. A fountain pen full of ink is less likely to leak, as the presence of air in the cartridge or converter is what causes the ink to escape.

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