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1.marked by cairns

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  • cairn terrier
  • cairn
  • cairina moschata
  • cairina
  • cairene
  • cainogenesis
  • cain
  • caimito
  • caimitillo
  • caiman sclerops
  • cairngorm
  • cairo
  • caisson
  • caisson disease
  • caitiff
  • caitra
  • cajan pea
  • cajanus
  • cajanus cajan
  • cajole
  • apple dumpling
  • aggregator
  • packed
  • repast
  • vermin
  • john joseph pershing
  • pettifoggery
  • gazella
  • commemoration
  • impartiality

  • Idiom of the Day

    more (something) than one can shake a stick at
    a lot, too many to count
    There are more ants than you can shake a stick at in the kitchen.


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  • Republic Day

    Repulic Day celebrations across the country

    Apart from the grand celebrations in the capital, the Republic Day is also celebrated in different parts of the country at different levels, such as in cities, district headquarters, panchayats, schools and offices.
  • In Mumbai, people attend Republic Day Parade at Shivaj Park or Marine Drive.
  • In Bangalore, people celebrate Republic Day at the Field Marshal Manekshaw Parade Ground, which holds a parade and cultural fair.
  • In Kolkata, people enjoy the Republic Day parade held along the Red Road.
  • In Chennai, Republic Day celebrations take place at Marina Beach and Kamaraj Salai.

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