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argentine republic

1.a republic in southern South America

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  • abeam

  • Idiom of the Day

    turn out
    to be shown to be something, to prove to be true
    It turned out that more people came to the party than we expected.


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  • Best Valentines Day Projects

    Beautiful Valentine Glitter Mason Jar

    Valentines Day is all about decorations. You can decorate each and every part of the place that you are going to spend with your dear one. You can start with making some glitter mason jars. These can be arranged on a table to add that special romantic touch to your day. All you may need is a few pet jars and some glitter. You can cut out a heart shape in gold color and place it inside the jar. Fill it up with red glitter, light up a small candle and then see the effect. About 4 to 5 pet jars decorated this way can do the trick. You can use a few heart shaped cardboard cut outs in the background to enhance your decoration.

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