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1.a prolonged disorder of eating due to loss of appetite

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  • anorectic
  • anorectal
  • anorchism
  • anorchidism
  • anorchia
  • anorak
  • anoplura
  • anoplophora glabripennis
  • anopia
  • anopheline
  • anorexia nervosa
  • anorexic
  • anorexigenic
  • anorthic
  • anorthite
  • anorthitic
  • anorthography
  • anorthopia
  • anosmatic
  • anosmia
  • judy garland
  • sesamum indicum
  • backscratcher
  • state-controlled
  • dentist's drill
  • annwfn
  • sucking fish
  • pornographic
  • towel rack
  • newton

  • Idiom of the Day

    get an earful
    to hear much talk or criticism or complaints about something
    Our boss got an earful when he asked the employees if they had any complaints.


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  • Crazy Facts

    Human Tails

    Extraordinary Science
    A company called Taily has developed a small imitation of tails for humans. The concept is quite simple, Taily is a heart rate monitor belt with a small tail attached at its end. So as soon as the heart rate spikes, believe it or not the tail starts to wag.

    Chourishi Systems