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1.comprising the soft corals

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  • alcove
  • alcott
  • alcoholize
  • alcoholism abuse
  • alcoholism
  • alcoholise
  • alcoholics anonymous
  • alcoholic dementia
  • alcoholic beverage
  • alcoholic abuse
  • alcyonaria
  • alcyone
  • aldactone
  • aldebaran
  • aldehyde
  • aldehyde group
  • aldehyde radical
  • aldehyde-alcohol
  • aldehydic
  • alder
  • ontology
  • battle of chickamauga
  • arboresque
  • stictomys
  • eczema herpeticum
  • bedclothes
  • leccinum
  • color blindness
  • prosaic
  • parliamentary procedure

  • Idiom of the Day

    dash off (something) or dash (something) off
    to write or finish something quickly
    I plan to dash off a letter before I go to work.

    There's a new exhibition at ________ Gallery.

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  • Highly Glamorous Buildings in the World

    Statoil s Norway HQ

    Statoil Headquarters and its Norway HQ is a design of a lab architects. This is an award winning building and is constructed in a beautiful way. This marvelous building is constructed close to the former Oslo airport of Fornebu, outside the city premises. Its dynamic design and well structured transformation make it an ideal business point for international traders.

    Chourishi Systems